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The new SCOPIX IV oscilloscope is here!

5 instruments in 1, 5 great reasons to choose a SCOPIX IV digital oscilloscope, which also offers a multimeter, analyser, logger and file consultation directly on the oscilloscope.

New generation of METRIX oscilloscopes for use in the field

From the OX 9062, with its 2 channels and 60 MHz, to the OX 9304, with 4 channels and 300 MHz, the SCOPIX IV digital oscilloscopes SCOPIX IV simplify your applications in the field.
Safety: channels genuinely isolated from one another and in relation to the earth, 600 V CAT III with Probix probes.
Ergonomics: modern, high-tech environment for oscilloscopes which remain simple, compact and practical.
Optimization of all the tools: communication, data storage and operation
METRIX® expertise applied to all the modes: bandwidth, sampling, memory, etc.